Altwasser sailing diary

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

La Rochelle to Santander
July 8th July 14th 2003. 200 nautical miles.

A picture is worth a thousand words
This week we have been sightseeing the past glory of La Rochelle and the present splendour of Santander, we sailed our longest ever single trip, 200 miles in 36 hours and met with friends, the Heap family. Rather than repeat the history of these two magnificent cities, which is easily accessible for those interested, we thought we would publish a pictorial tempter for those looking for interesting holiday resorts, together with a few pictures of dolphins we saw on our sail and our friends we met. Apologies to those connected to the internet via a length of wet string, pictures do take a while to download and furthermore if you click on any to see enlarged versions, this takes even longer.

This morning we were woken at 6:30 am by a procession around the port of hundreds, perhaps a few thousand smartly dressed worshippers, led by priests, dressed all in white and carrying three large crosses high, chanting hymns and saying prayers for sea-farers to celebrate the festival of Carmen. We feel included. It seemed disrespectful to take pictures, I hope you can imagine it.

We plan to sail overnight 90 miles tonight to Gijon, one of the largest cities in Northern Spain and capital of Asturias.

La Rochelle.



With Carmen-Gloria, Peter and Christopher.