Altwasser sailing diary

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Santa Ponsa Mallorca Easter 2004
April 2nd – April 15th 2004.

We are surprisingly contented in Santa Ponsa, have ventured into Palma only twice and sailed only as far as Dragon Island, some ten miles away. Lots of talking and reading.

Ben and Ruth joined us for five days over Easter. We sailed on three days, once to Puerto Andraitx, secondly just around the bay of Santa Ponsa with neighbours who’d never sailed before and thirdly as far as San Telm where we dropped hook and ate lunch overlooking Dragon Island. We all joined the local evangelical congregation for Easter Sunday, 45 minutes walk around the bay. We also saw Mel Gibson´s The Passion together. We had read one of the original accounts of the plot the previous evening and so with the story fresh to mind our lack of Spanish wasn’t a too serious handicap. However, none of us was prepared for the unrelenting brutality and we needed some time in a restaurant afterwards to recover and discuss it. Perhaps this was what Mel Gibson intended.